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Ghost in hot news

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Description > Ghost in hot news

WARNING: This video might shock you, and may even scare you! However this is not my reason for posting it. This video is about just what the title states. It's about Ghosts, Sprits, and Demons! This video shows clips that are (To the best of my knowing) REAL! You of course may judge for yourself.

ghost has been defined as the disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person, although in popular usage the term refers only to the apparition of such a person. Often described as insubstantial and partly transparent, ghosts are reported to haunt particular locations or people that they were associated with in life or at time of death. Phantom armies, ghost-animals, ghost trains and phantom ships have also been reported. A poll conducted in 2003 showed that more than half of adults in the United States believe in ghosts and/or demons. Ghosts or similar paranormal entities appear in film, theatre, and literature; legends and myths, and some religions.

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